Protease inhibitors

Family Name Human Chimpanzee Mouse Rat
serine PI Kazal type 1 SPINK1 SPINK1 Spink1 Spink3
serine PI Kazal type 2 SPINK2 SPINK2 Spink2 Spink2
serine PI Kazal type 4 SPINK4 SPINK4 Spink4 Spink4
serine PI Kazal type 4-like 1 Spink4l1
serine PI Kazal type 5 SPINK5 SPINK5 Spink5 Spink5
serine PI Kazal type 5-like 1 SPINK5L1 SPINK5L1 Spink5l1 Spink5l1
serine PI Kazal type 5-like 2 SPINK5L2 SPINK5L2 Spink5l2 Spink5l2
serine PI Kazal type 5-like 3 SPINK13 SPINK5L3 Spink5l3
serine PI Kazal type 5-like 3b Spinkl
serine PI Kazal type 5-like 3c Spink5l3c
serine PI Kazal type 5-like 4 SPINK5L4 SPINK5L4 Spink12 Spink5l4
similar to double-headed SPI SPINKDH SPINKDH
similar to double-headed SPI-like 1 SPINKDHL1 SPINKDHL1
acrosin inhibitor BUSI2 BUSI2
esophagus cancer-rel. Prot. 2 SPINK7 SPINK7 Spink7 Spink7
vitellogenin-like 1 VTLGL1 VTLGL1 Vtlgl1 Vtlgl1
acrosin inhibitor precursor-like 1 Spink10 Iacsl1
TMEFF1 TMEFF1 TMEFF1 Tmeff1 Tmeff1
TMEFF2 TMEFF2 TMEFF2 Tmeff2 Tmeff2
follistatin FST FST Fst Fst
follistatin-like 1 FSTL1 FSTL1 Fstl1 Fstl1
follistatin-like 2/IGFBP7 IGFBP7 IGFBP7 Igfbp7 Igfbp7
follistatin-like 3 FSTL3 FSTL3 Fstl3 Fstl3
sparc/osteonectin, testican SPOCK1 SPOCK Spock1 Spock1
sparc/osteonectin, testican-2 SPOCK2 SPOCK2 Spock2 Spock2
sparc/osteonectin, testican-3 SPOCK3 SPOCK3 Spock3 Spock3
osteonectin SPARC SPARC Sparc Sparc
hevin SPARCL1 SPARCL1 Sparcl1 Sparcl1
kazal, EF-hand and Ig protein FSTL5 FSTL5 Fstl5 Fstl5
MIG30-like protease inhibitor KAZALD1 KAZALD1 Kazald1 Kazald1
a1-microglobulin/bikunin AMBP AMBP Ambp Ambp
HGF activator inhibitor 1 SPINT1 SPINT1 Spint1 Spint1
placental bikunin  SPINT2 SPINT2 Spint2 Spint2
ser. protease inh., Kunitz 3 SPINT3 SPINT3
tissue factor path. inhibitor TFPI TFPI Tfpi Tfpi
tissue factor path. inhibitor-2 TFPI2 TFPI2 Tfpi2 Tfpi2
amyloid-b precursor protein APP APP App App
amyloid-b precursor-like prot. 1 APLP1 APLP1 Aplp1 Aplp1
amyloid-b precursor-like prot. 2 APLP2 APLP2 Aplp2 Aplp2
papilin PAPLN PAPLN Papln Papln
WAP,FS,Ig,KU,NTR-containing prot. WFIKKN1 WFIKKN1 Wfikkn Wfikkn
epididymal trypsin inh. Spint4 SPINT4 SPINT4 Spint4 Spint4
RTPI-like 4 RTPIL4 RTPIL4 Rtpil1 Rtpil4
collagen, type VI, alpha 3 COL6A3 COL6A3 Col6a3 Col6a3
collagen, type VII, alpha 1 COL7A1 COL7A1 Col7a1 Col7a1
eppin EPPIN EPPIN Eppin Spinlw1
WAP four-disulfide core 8 WFDC8 WFDC8 Wfdc8 Wfdc8
a1-antitrypsin/a1-PI SERPINA1 SERPINA1 Serpina1 Serpina1
a1-antitrypsin member 1a Serpina1a
a1-antitrypsin member 1b Serpina1b
a1-antitrypsin member 1c Serpina1c
a1-antitrypsin member 1d Serpina1d
a1-antitrypsin member 1e Serpina1e
a1-antitrypsin member 2 SERPINA2 SERPINA2 Serpina2 Serpina1f
a1-antitrypsin member 2b Serpina1f
a1-antitrypsin member 2c Serpina2c
a1-antichymotrypsin SERPINA3 SERPINA3
a1-antitrypsin member 3a Serpina3a
a1-antitrypsin member 3b Serpina3b
a1-antitrypsin member 3c Serpina3c Serpina3c
a1-antitrypsin member 3d Serpina3d
a1-antitrypsin member 3e Serpina3e
a1-antitrypsin member 3f Serpina3f
a1-antitrypsin member 3g Serpina3g
a1-antitrypsin member 3h Serpina3h RGD1565462
a1-antitrypsin member 3i Serpina3i
a1-antitrypsin member 3j Serpina3j LOC299277
a1-antitrypsin member 3k Serpina3k Serpina3k
a1-antitrypsin member 3l Serpina3l Serpina3l
a1-antitrypsin member 3m Serpina3m Serpina3m
a1-antitrypsin member 3n Serpina3n Serpina3n
kallistatin SERPINA4 SERPINA4 Serpina4 Serpina4
protein C inhibitor SERPINA5 SERPINA5 Serpina5 Serpina5
corticosteroid-binding glob. SERPINA6 SERPINA6 Serpina6 Serpina6
a1-antitrypsin member 9 SERPINA9 SERPINA9 Serpina9 Serpina9
protein Z-dependent PI SERPINA10 SERPINA10 Serpina10 Serpina10
HongrES1 Serpina16 Serpina16
a1-antitrypsin member 11 SERPINA11 SERPINA11 Serpina11 Serpina11
a1-antitrypsin member 12 SERPINA12 SERPINA12 Serpina12 Serpina12
thyroxine-binding globulin SERPINA7 SERPINA7 Serpina7 Serpina7
angiotensinogen/AGT AGT AGT Agt Agt
protease inhibitor 2 SERPINB1 SERPINB1 Serpinb1a Serpinb1a
protease inhibitor 2 member 1b Serpinb1b Serpinb1b
protease inhibitor 2 member 1c Serpinb1c Serpinb1c
protease inhibitor 6/CAP SERPINB6 SERPINB6 Serpinb6a Serpinb6
protease inhibitor 6b Serpinb6b
protease inhibitor 6c Serpinb6c
protease inhibitor 6d Serpinb6d
protease inhibitor 6e Serpinb6e Serpinb6e
protease inhibitor 6e2 RGD1564786
protease inhibitor 9/CAP3 SERPINB9 SERPINB9 Serpinb9 Serpinb9
protease inhibitor 9b Serpinb9b RGD1562844
protease inhibitor 9c Serpinb9c
protease inhibitor 9d Serpinb9d Serpinb9d
protease inhibitor 9e Serpinb9e
protease inhibitor 9f Serpinb9f
protease inhibitor 9g Serpinb9g
Plg activator inhibitor-2 SERPINB2 SERPINB2 Serpinb2 Serpinb2
SCC antigen 1  SERPINB3 SERPINB3 Serpinb3 Serpinb3
protease inhibitor 3l1 Serpinb3l1
protease inhibitor 3l2 Serpinb3l2
protease inhibitor 3l3 Serpinb3l3
SCC antigen 2 SERPINB4 SERPINB4 Serpinb4 Serpinb4
maspin SERPINB5 SERPINB5 Serpinb5 Serpinb5
megsin SERPINB7 SERPINB7 Serpinb7 Serpinb7
protease inhibitor 8/CAP2 SERPINB8 SERPINB8 Serpinb8 Serpinb8
bomapin SERPINB10 SERPINB10 Serpinb10 Serpinb10
epipin SERPINB11 SERPINB11 Serpinb11 Serpinb11
yukopin SERPINB12 SERPINB12 Serpinb12 Serpinb12
headpin/hurpin SERPINB13 SERPINB13 Serpinb13 Serpinb13
antithrombin III SERPINC1 SERPINC1 Serpinc1 Serpinc1
heparin cofactor II SERPIND1 SERPIND1 Serpind1 Serpind1
plg-activator inhibitor-1 SERPINE1 SERPINE1 Serpine1 Serpine1
proteinase nexin 1/GDN SERPINE2 SERPINE2 Serpine2 Serpine2
PEDF SERPINF1 SERPINF1 Serpinf1 Serpinf1
a2-antiplasmin SERPINF2 SERPINF2 Serpinf2 Serpinf2
C1 inhibitor SERPING1 SERPING1 Serping1 Serping1
colligin/CBP1 SERPINH1 SERPINH1 Serpinh1 Serpinh1
neuroserpin/PI12 SERPINI1 SERPINI1 Serpini1 Serpini1
pancpin SERPINI2 SERPINI2 Serpini2 Serpini2
von Willebrand factor VWF VWF Vwf Vwf
mucin type 5A/C MUC5AC MUC5AC Muc5ac Muc5ac
mucin type 5B MUC5B MUC5B Muc5b Muc5b
crossveinless 2 BMPER BMPER Bmper Bmper
tectorin a TECTA TECTA Tecta Tecta
antileukoproteinase SLPI SLPI Slpi Slpi
antileukoproteinase-like 1 RGD1563818
antileukoproteinase-like 2 Slpil2
antileukoproteinase-like 3 Slpil3
elafin precursor PI3 PI3 Wfdc15b Pi3
WAP four-disulfide core 2 WFDC2 WFDC2 Wfdc2 Wfdc2
WAP four-disulfide core 3 WFDC3 WFDC3 Wfdc3 Wfdc3
WAP four-disulfide core 5 WFDC5 WFDC5 Wfdc5 Wfdc5
WAP four-disulfide core 6 WFDC6 WFDC6 Wfdc6a Wfdc6
WAP four-disulfide core 6-like 1 Wfdc6l1 Wfdc6l1
WAP four-disulfide core 9 WFDC9 WFDC9 Wfdc9 Wfdc9
WAP four-disulfide core 10A WFDC10A WFDC10A Wfdc10a Wfdc10a
WAP four-disulfide core 10B WFDC10B WFDC10B
WAP four-disulfide core 11 WFDC11 WFDC11
WAP four-disulfide core 12 WFDC12 WFDC12 Wfdc12 Wfdc12
WAP four-disulfide core 13 WFDC13 WFDC13 Wfdc13 Wfdc13
WAP four-disulfide core 13-like 1 Wfdc13l1
WAP four-disulfide core-like 1 WFDCL1 WFDCL1 Wfdc15a Wfdcl1
secretogranin V/7B2 SCG5 SCG5 Scg5 Scg5
cystatin A CSTA CSTA Csta Csta
cystatin A1c 2010005H15Rik Csta1c
stefin A1-like 1 Stfa1l1 Stfa1l1
stefin A3 Stfa3 Stfa3
stefin A3-like 1 Gm4758 Stfa3l1
cystatin A5 Csta5 Csta5
stefin A2 Stfa2 Stfa2
stefin 3-like 3 Csta1 Csta
stefin A1 Stfa1
stefin-2 like Stfa2l1
stefin A2-like 1 Stfa2l1
stefin A2-like 2 Stfa2l2
stefin A2-like 3 Stfa2l3
cystatin SN CST1 CST1
cystatin SA CST2 CST2
cystatin C CST3 CST3 Cst3 Cst3
cystatin S CST4 CST4
cystatin D CST5 CST5
cystatin F/leukocystatin CST7 CST7 Cst7 Cst7
CRES CST8 CST8 Cst8 Cst8
cystatin 9/CLM CST9 CST9 Cst9 Cst9
CRES2/cystatin 11 CST11 CST11 Cst11 Cst11
CRES3/cystatin TE-1 Cres3 Cres3 Cst12 Cst12
Cystatin SC 8030411F24Rik LOC257643
testatin CST9L CST9L
cystatin T CSTT CSTT Cst13 Cst9l
cystatin 10 Cst10 Cst5
cystatin L1 CSTL1 CSTL1 Cstl1 Cstl1
rat cystatin S Csts Csts
rat cystatin S-like 1 LOC296235
rat cystatin S-like 2 Cstsl2
rat cystatin S-like 3 Cstsl3
rat cystatin S-like 4 Cstsl4
rat cystatin S-like 5 Cstsl5
androgen regulated 20k protein Andpro
cystatin ap1 RGD1563136
cystatin ap2 Cstap2
cystatin ap4 Cstap4
cystatin ap5 Cstap5 Cstap5
cystatin ap6 Cstap6
cystatin ap7 Cstap7
cystatin E/M CST6 CST6 Cst6 Cst6
cystatin B CSTB CSTB Cstb Cstb
a2-HS-glycoprotein/fetuinA AHSG AHSG Ahsg Ahsg
fetuin B FETUB FETUB Fetub Fetub
histidine-rich glycoprotein HRG HRG Hrg Hrg
kininogen KNG1 KNG1 Kng1 Kng1l1
calpastatin CAST CAST Cast Cast
MHC II invariant gamma chain CD74 CD74 Cd47 Cd47
thyroglobulin TG TG Tg Tg
IGF binding protein 1 IGFBP1 IGFBP1 Igfbp1 Igfbp1
IGF binding protein 2 IGFBP2 IGFBP2 Igfbp2 Igfbp2
IGF binding protein 3 IGFBP3 IGFBP3 Igfbp3 Igfbp3
nidogen NID1 NID1 Nid1 Nid1
nidogen 2 NID2 NID2 Nid2 Nid2
cIAP1 BIRC2 BIRC2 Birc3 Birc3
cIAP2 BIRC3 BIRC3 Birc2 Birc2
survivin BIRC5 BIRC5 Birc5 Birc5
apollon BIRC6 BIRC6 Birc6 Birc6
ML-IAP BIRC7 BIRC7 Birc7 Birc7
tissue inhibitor of metalloprotease-1 TIMP1 TIMP1 Timp1 Timp1
tissue inhibitor of metalloprotease-2 TIMP2 TIMP2 Timp2 Timp2
tissue inhibitor of metalloprotease-3 TIMP3 TIMP3 Timp3 Timp3
tissue inhibitor of metalloprotease-4 TIMP4 TIMP4 Timp4 Timp4
a-2-macroglobulin A2M A2M A2m A2m
ovostatin OVOS OVOS BC048546 A2ml1
ovostatin-2 OVOS2 OVOS2
pregnancy-zone-protein SA2M SA2M Pzp Pzp
complement component 3 C3 C3 C3 C3
complement component 4 C4A C4A C4b C4a
complement component 5 C5 C5 Hc C5
Gov platelet alloantigens CD109 CD109 Cd109 Cd109
complement prec. like protein CPLP CPLP Cplp Cplp
human pregnanzy-zone prot. PZP PZP
a-2-macroglobulin-like A2ML1 A2ML1
mouse murinoglobulin 1 Mug1
mouse murinoglobulin 2 Mug2
mouse murinoglobulin 3 Mug3
mouse murinoglobulin 4 Mug4
rat murinoglobulin 1 rMug1
rat murinoglobulin 2 rMug2
rat murinoglobulin 3 A1i3
rat murinoglobulin 4 Cpamd8
a-2-macroglobulin-family VIP VIP VIP
histatin 1 HTN1 HTN1
histatin 3 HTN3 HTN3
statherin STATH STATH
latexin/tissue caboxpep. Inhibitor LXN LXN Lxn Lxn
retinoic acid receptor responder RARRES1 RARRES1 Rarres1 Rarres1
ameloblastin AMBN AMBN Ambn Ambn
submax. gland androg. regul. Prot. 1 Smr3a Vcsb1
SMR1-alpha 3 Smr1a3l1
sialorphin Vcsa1
MSG2 alpha Msg2a
MSG2 gamma Msg2g
MSG2 delta Msg2d